Car washing machine spray

Máy phun cao áo, bọt biển, bao tay rửa xe nếu không có thì dùng khăn mềm, khăn hút nước (khăn da, khăn vải to…) khăn lau khô, 02 xô nhựa, bàn chải đánh lốp, xà bông rửa xe có chất dưỡng bóng chuyên dụng.


Car washing process:

1. Spray the entire car soften rough dirt Spray the entire car with tap water so far away. The impurities in the water will soften, to facilitate the subsequent pressure spray.

2. Larang, shells, waistline, sidesteps Then you use a high pressure spray these parts because if new washing washing trays paint peel finish, dirt and water will take paint flakes onto the cleaned again. Use the brush around the tires, soft and round brush for larang. You open the door and wipe pad and the corner at the door step.

3. Spray water engineering Use a high-pressure nozzle, spraying water from the roof of the car were down to the dirt, mud stick on the body goes, the place was dirty water softener weighs more, the spray will come easily.

4. Rinse the soap You dip the sponge into the bucket of soap and scrubbing each part. Wash movement horizontally or vertically, circularly limited laundering. Upon termination part, we dip into the bucket of fresh water sponges, cleaning and drainage, before embedding into the bucket of soap. This is to minimize the carrying dirt, sand from the area being cleaned on soapbox and back to rub on your face painted. Should partial discharge according washed to avoid soap from drying on the paint surface, using a 1 sponge for cleaning vehicle hull section.

5. Spray water After wiping the soap, we use light water sprayed on a turn, the membrane will float most of the soap out of the paint, and continued strong spray to clean completely.

6. Dry With 2 soft dry cloth, stroked a turn to suck water from the surface – to water only the blurred streaks. Use a dry cloth to wipe clean to rest again. Glossy painted surface will completely clean. After the washing is complete, you’ll notice the car paint ball, cleaner and more slippery touching. The reason is that the soap contains 1 of Wax (Nursing ball). This sheen will make more dust and paint ball harder than a normal wash.

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