Tip preserved leather car seats

You can not clean leather seats with regular detergent – they normally have a pH is too high compared to leather . Soda in detergents with high alkali concentration is effective to clean the stains, but not good for the skin . We can make the gray , silver color, makes the skin bright stains , loss of essential protection for leather and cracked skin .


Alkaline cleaners are considered the best option for the leather seats of the vehicle by reducing the pH of the detergents and skin contact. Typically, car wash shops often use the same type of detergent for tires, engines and leather seats. But the cost savings to you, but a great influence on the quality of the car leather seats. To keep skin soft, shiny and elastic after you clean the cover with a layer of natural balm on the seat surface. Average 4-6 months you should apply once. And if the dry weather if you need to do this more often. You should note that to avoid direct contact with the seat sunlight, especially when not driving. You can also use old T-shirt to wrap the seat, avoid causing scratches to the seat. In particular, you should only use air conditioning when necessary. This way you can maintain the beauty and luxury of leather upholstery. To deal with stains on the leather seats, you should use Armorall or Lane, that’s great products. Using a number of leather and cotton, then wipe gently in a chair. All remaining seats are doing so. Then dry the seat forward but also depends in part on the humidity of the weather. Please note that when you open the door during the summer because the temperature in the car can rise very much in the summer. High temperature inside the car will lead to discolored leather seats. Open the window will reduce the temperature inside.

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